Product & Services

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Blue Pin offers a highly effective positioning service which adopts Indoor Positioning System (IPS) in achieving accuracy within 3 meters, low cost and best user experience. The system employs a proprietary Fusion Algorithm (including optimised BLE beacons settings, site planning, multilateral positioning, noise reduction, changing events, special event handling and stabilisation etc.) to provide all aspects of micro positioning solutions.

Competitive Edge

  • Location Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Best User Experience
  • Reference cases

    Exhibition Centre
    • Location:Shenzhen, China
    • Spent 10 hours for IPS deployment which covered an area of 70,000 sqm, Blue Pin worked out a comprehensive positioning plan for the exhibition centre. The visitors could use our AR navigation system to find their booths easily. We do even provide an option for the user to do navigation without the need to download a new APP. All they need is to scan a QR code and our navigation miniprogram will pop up in WeChat.
    Commercial Centre
    • Location:Hong Kong
    • We offer our client with a set of smart reception management solutions. By scanning a QR code, it enables guests to register once they enter the commercial center. Upon completion, the system will lead the guests to the client’s office.
    • Location:Hong Kong
    • Indoor positioning system (IPS) has been built in university to facilitate guests visiting the research projects at different rooms at different floor. Furthermore, another IPS is setup for locating the robot in the industrial center.
    Shopping Malls
    • Location:Guilin, China
    • IPS is setup for a shopping mall in Guilin, China such that customers can find the way to reach the shop and facility in the venue. Furthermore, shopping mall management can have more information about the customers shopping preference.
    Smart Factory
    • Location:Hong Kong
    • Smart Factory can track the location of the parts and equipment such that project manager can easily analyze the efficiency of the production process and so make timely change to enhance and streamline the process flow. It can also integrate resource distribution and inventory management into their ERP system for improving the overall efficiency.
    HR Management
    • Location:Hong Kong
    • Our Indoor Positioning System helps our client to oversee real-time staff attendance and presence in corresponding retail stores and also enhance manpower resource management in order to improve the productivity and efficiency.
    • Location:Hong Kong
    • Smart Hotel Enablement solution, with Guest Services Robots (GSR), is fully integrated with hotel PMS, Key card system, Payment gateway as well as notification system to provide different kinds of guest services such as Pre-arrival registration, Health Declaration Form, Check-in, Deposit Payment, “Room is ready” notification, Key pick-up, Check-out, Balance Payment, Sending invoice copy to guest email etc. While GSR is an autonomous AI robot, it can go to different places at hotel to provide the guest services e.g. lobby, function room, Café, club lounge etc. On the other hand, hotel management can monitor and locate the current status of GSRs – where they are in hotel and what service they are providing to guest.